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Superior Mark Floor Tape: Most Durable Tape for Heavy Traffic

Improve safety, efficiency and productivity by implementing dependable visual cues with our tough floor marking tape.

To each his own. Color coding

There is a necessity in manufacturing plants of continuously introducing techniques to better the manufacturing processes. 

Manufacturing industry: How to know if you’re in good hands when you’re purchasing? 

At the moment of purchasing, we all struggle to find what we are looking for. First of all, we make sure that it meets the eye.

Concrete floors have feelings too

Whether they have an epoxy seal, urethane coating, or a glossy finish similar to granite counter tops in kitchens, most floors in manufacturing plants are concrete floors.

Tape corners that look like flying birds

I walk around manufacturing floors on a daily basis. From companies dedicated to assembling automotive parts to the medical and food sectors, 95% of buildings have something in common…

Reducing costs with corner markers at Nypro

From corners to yields and warnings, Superior Mark™ Tape floor markings help you keep an efficient shop or warehouse by creating visual signals that are always right in front of your staff and guests.

A perfect 10!

One may think that delineating floors is mainly a ‘manufacturing plant’ kind of thing, but in reality it is not. As time goes by, we see…

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Geedop is a supplier of industrial floor system products. We leverage 30 years of experience in floor maintenance to provide solutions to recurring floor problems in manufacturing facilities and warehouses across Mexico and the United States.



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Superior Mark™ Floor Tape- Surface Preparation + Installation